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Battenkill Aquatics offers a unique type of physical therapy called aquatic therapy.  Aquatic therapy uses the healing properties of water to achieve goals of wellness.  Our warm water therapy pool offers a comforting environment to rehabilitate almost any disability.  Aquatic therapy uses the benefits of warm water to help perform therapeutic exercises is standing, sitting, walking, swimmimg, and floating positions.  Floating treatments provided by therapist to address pain, anxiety, stress, restrictions of joint, fascia, soft tissue in a warm water therapeutic pool.

A variety of techniques are employed to address many issues including:

      > Orthopedic: post joint replacement, sports injuries

      > Neurologic: stroke, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons

      > Geriatric: balance concerns, mobility

      > Pediatric: cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy

      > Pain management: chronic pain, arthritis, back problems, fibromyalgia

      > pre/post partum

Water exercise uses the water to ease painful movement, for resistance, and for fun!

Balance exercise focuses on improving the body's balance centers for improved walking and less falls!  Ai Chi is a form of flowing aquatic exercise to increase core stability and balance.

Relaxation and pain management is beautifully achieved in water with the following techniques:

      > Bad Ragaz: gentle movement through the water to relax muscles and increase flexibility

      > Watsu: gentle cradling rocking movement combined with breathing to improve relaxation

      > Craniosacral therapy: a gentle osteopathic technique to improve healing capacity of the body

      Water has been used as a healing medium throughout the ages.  Physical therapy has formally evolved in the 1900s to help heal people with the use of exercise.  Bringing water to physical therapy further encourages healing through warmth, buoyancy, and gentle resistance.

Our facility:  warm water therapeutic pool, 7 by 14 feet in size, 3 1/2 feet deep, stair entry, temperature of 90 to 96 degrees

Our new expansion  to include land based physical therapy to compliment our aquatic therapy to help you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

Our staff:

Allison Matunas Physical Therapist, Monday through Friday

Fran O'Neil Physical Therapist

Gail O'Brien Physical Therapist

Glen Matunas Office Manager Monday through Friday

Stephanie Scrivens Receptionist